Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is my new addiction.
Say hello to Tetris.

Remember the little block-building game from ages ago? I remember when I was a kid, I had one of the earliest gameboys. It had a black and white screen, a + pad, and two keys, A and B. There were like, two games on it. I used to play Tetris more than the other game it had. Loved the game. It's so addicting.

Now nearly a decade later, I've gotten my addiction back. I've been spending every spare minute of the last few weeks playing this damn game. Hell, I even made an account on and made most of my friends make accounts too. I've gotten all of them hooked to Tetris too now. You should see the Tetris parties we do every night. Multiplayer on arena. It's sad, but true. Not to mention incredibly fun.

So, I've been doing this instead of writing... IF stays suspended at around 70k. That sucks. But hey, it's Tetris!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dying... dying... dead?

Not quite dead. Or so I tell myself everyday.

What Taku does every single day:
-Tells herself she's going to write
-Opens up MS Word and document with manuscript
-Stares at manuscript
-Stares at pathetic word count
-Tells self that she's going to get to XXk today

Fast forward... five hours later.
-Taku realises she's been reading manga/chatting/doing anything but writing for five hours
-Decides she will write
-Stares at manuscript
-Gets sidetracked, AGAIN

Which is why I'm starting to doubt I'll ever finish a novel.
Taku no verdict: nearly dead, but not quite.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Got Da Swag

Okay, so yesterday, I got some Overprotected swag from the ever awesome Jennifer Laurens. My mom got totally freaked. She thought it was a threat or something, which is what people normally think when they receive small, brown envelopes with something that feels like a CD inside. She only called me 'cause she saw the word "Publishing" on the envelope.

So maybe this post has no point... but I felt like saying that anyway. At my dear mother's expense, of course *laughs* Sorry, Mom.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tell Me it's Prett-ay

Soooo, I partnered up with Kris for this book blog called Imaginary Reads. I just redesigned the thing *cracks neck* *stretches*  Will anybody go tell me if it's pretty...? I drew the header and the background *grins* Even though it probably looks hideous, please say it's beautiful. My ego says thank you. *laughs*

The Blog... dun dun dun...

Yes, I drew that. It ain't pretty, but it's not that ugly either.... is it?

Taku (and her ego) OUT!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I haven't posted in ages, have I?

Okay, so maybe I haven't touched this blog in ages *averts gaze* but! I haven't forgotten about it. Soooo, what have I been doing...?

On Friday afternoon, I came home from school and my friend started "reminding" me about returning his books. So, I ended up reading The Hunger Games (which was mine, I borrowed Catching Fire and Mockingjay from my friend) at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I finished Catching Fire that night, and Mockingjay the next day before lunch. I haven't read like this in ages... Three books in two half-days, ie. a day... It's really been ages since I've lost myself in a book like that.

I'm now determined to plow through all the books I have but haven't started and the half-done ones. I'm ashamed to admit that un-started ones include the last book to my beloved series, Cherub (yes, I haven't touched Shadow Wave yet, eep!), I Am Number Four (I watched the movie first, even), and several others. The half-finished numbers have The Red Pyramid and The Lost Hero within their ranks.

Verdict: Taku --> GUILTY!

Other stuff and fluff...
This little one's at 47k now. I still have loads to write before I finish... *sobs*

I can't believe that it's already been half a year since I started Imaginary Friends.... It seems like it was just yesterday when the first day of NaNo crept up on me and I stared at a blank word document, with no idea of what in the world I was going to write except that it was going to feature a psycho girl. Hell, I still hadn't named her yet.

I have a new camera. I'm sure none of you needed or wanted to know that, but I have one. And I'm over the moon 'cause I love it so (: It's become a permanent addition in my shoulder bag now. The art filters are just amazing on that little thing. If anyone can guess what camera it is, I'll love them forever. Hint: something you use to write with.

I guess there's nothing that interesting in Taku no life... I'm not even sure I have one, a life, I mean. So, TAKU OUT~!