Sunday, May 8, 2011

I haven't posted in ages, have I?

Okay, so maybe I haven't touched this blog in ages *averts gaze* but! I haven't forgotten about it. Soooo, what have I been doing...?

On Friday afternoon, I came home from school and my friend started "reminding" me about returning his books. So, I ended up reading The Hunger Games (which was mine, I borrowed Catching Fire and Mockingjay from my friend) at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I finished Catching Fire that night, and Mockingjay the next day before lunch. I haven't read like this in ages... Three books in two half-days, ie. a day... It's really been ages since I've lost myself in a book like that.

I'm now determined to plow through all the books I have but haven't started and the half-done ones. I'm ashamed to admit that un-started ones include the last book to my beloved series, Cherub (yes, I haven't touched Shadow Wave yet, eep!), I Am Number Four (I watched the movie first, even), and several others. The half-finished numbers have The Red Pyramid and The Lost Hero within their ranks.

Verdict: Taku --> GUILTY!

Other stuff and fluff...
This little one's at 47k now. I still have loads to write before I finish... *sobs*

I can't believe that it's already been half a year since I started Imaginary Friends.... It seems like it was just yesterday when the first day of NaNo crept up on me and I stared at a blank word document, with no idea of what in the world I was going to write except that it was going to feature a psycho girl. Hell, I still hadn't named her yet.

I have a new camera. I'm sure none of you needed or wanted to know that, but I have one. And I'm over the moon 'cause I love it so (: It's become a permanent addition in my shoulder bag now. The art filters are just amazing on that little thing. If anyone can guess what camera it is, I'll love them forever. Hint: something you use to write with.

I guess there's nothing that interesting in Taku no life... I'm not even sure I have one, a life, I mean. So, TAKU OUT~!


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