Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updates Today

There seem to be no updates today . . . and that makes the otaku very sad, yes it does. So, random Japanese thing. Since I'm bored and all (technically, I should be doing my Chinese essay that's due tomorrow, but screw it!).

Let's start with hiragana, yay! Hiragana is the phonetic Japanese alphabet that's used for Japanese words--words borrowed from English or other languages, such as, "hanbaga" (hamburger) use katakana.

あいうえお <-- There are the vowels!

あ -- A --pronounced "ah"
い -- I --"ee"
う -- U --"ooh"
え -- E --"eh"
お -- O --"oh"

There goes today's Jap lesson x) Courtesy of yours truly.

Oh, just realised. There's Medaka Box, which I haven' t read since chapter 70 something a month ago D: Must catch up!

Otaku no Lesson ends here. Ciaossu!

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  1. YAY for the Japanese lesson. You should continue doing this :D