Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shhh, I'm not supposed to enter!

YAtopia's holding a pitch contest--wheeey! Naturally, I'm planning to enter with my precious eldest brainchild, Imaginary Friends.

However, I don't really fit one of their requirements :3 IF isn't a finished ms.... (don't tell anyone , 'kay?)

Anyway! It's not like I'm going to win anyway, so nobody will ever know (bahahaha) and I'm trying desperately to finish it in the next two weeks--impossible, I know, but hey, I'm writing!

Actually, pretend I never said a thing. 'Cause I WILL finish. Bob the Builder, CAN I WRITE THIS? Bob the Builder, YES I CAN. Okay, I never said a thing (: IF will be a finished ms by the time judging comes by. YES IT WILL.

Ammi-Joan Paquette is going to host this pitch contest and it's at YAtopia here.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT, TAKU!!!! Finish IF before March ends, and it'll be all good ;)

  2. Your pitch was just ominous enough to be really interesting. Good luck!